Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year! ~ and oops...

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~ Bill Vaughn

Here's hoping 2010 is already shining brightly for you. We've all entered a fresh new decade brimming with possibilities and opportunities, and I, for one, am really excited about that.

Edit: All fixed now. Yay! There is a bit of an oops, just a little stumble, to get through right now... My business email account was deleted by my web hosting service. They're in the process of restoring it, but just in case, please send emails to kristin@tincupdesigns.com with a copy to wovengold@gmail.com. That way, I'll get it no matter what. And if you've had a message bounce recently, please re-send.

It's funny how calm I am about all of this. I think it's because it is a new year, and I'm just not going to start out on a footing of anger or frustration. I made a promise to myself to open my heart and mind to new ideas, new people, new inspiration and new opportunities, and I mean to keep that promise, because I know all those things are out there, ready for me to find them.

Winter Solstice Dawn, 2009 ~ From Tin Cup Designs Handwrought Jewelry

2009 did end on a note of sadness, as The Artworks in Fairbanks closed its doors after 35 years in business. Judy bought several pairs of earrings for the gallery before I'd even decided Tin Cup Designs would be a real business, and the entire crew has always been there for me, enthusiastic about my work and concerned about me as a person and as an artist. But, as they kept telling me, all things have a natural beginning and ending, and it was time.

There's lots of good news in the works for Tin Cup Designs, but I can only tell you a couple of tidbits for now.

First, the Alaska House Art Gallery in downtown Fairbanks will begin representing me in March when they reopen after the winter hiatus. I'm really looking forward to this new relationship: Yolande has some great plans for rearranging the space, placing more emphasis on Alaskan jewelry, beefing up the gallery's web presence and lots of other stuff, and I'm so happy to be a part of that.

And the other really great news is that I'll be showing my work for First Friday in April at the Alaska Heritage House bed and breakfast on Cowles Street in Fairbanks. My husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary and 15th anniversary of arriving in Alaska with a weekend stay there in December. I can't get over the tangible sense of history and the lovely period furnishings and restoration work ~ not to mention the light-hearted hospitality shown us by the owners and innkeeper. April 2 is just a month or so away from Mother's Day, so please keep the date in mind.

Georgia Lee Boudoir at Alaska Heritage House
From Tin Cup Designs Handwrought Jewelry

Kristin outside the Alaska Heritage House, wishing for just one more night...
From Tin Cup Designs Handwrought Jewelry

Finally, the long-anticipated, taking-forever-and-a-day Tin Cup Designs shop will be open on line by the end of the month. No ifs, ands or buts this time. Of course, there'll be a huge announcement and celebration here on the blog, and everyone who signed up for my new email list will receive a special notice. If you didn't make it to one of the holiday shows to put your name on the list, just email me now (at both addresses) and I'll take care of it.

I hadn't planned to write this entry this morning, but the lost email account forced me to do it, and now I'm glad it did. Sometimes when you've been silent for a bit too long, it's hard to find your voice again. This is just a bit of a croak, but it's a beginning, and I'm all for that!

Happy New Year!