Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show more than tell...

A small confession: I've been trying to write this blog entry for days. I finally realized I'm over-thinking what I need to say. In fact, perhaps it would be better to show you than tell you. So here are a few pictures of jewelry available in my Artfire studio now.

This copper pendant reproduces in minute detail every vein and crack in a leaf I picked up after it had already been on the ground for awhile this past fall. I love the autumn color of the copper, and the rolled edge of the pendant evokes the way leaves curl up and dry out after they've fallen from the trees. With the handwrought sterling silver chain, the necklace is approximately 20 inches long.

These Starburst Earrings are slightly domed sterling silver and copper disks with hammered decorative lines. This is the larger size, with the upper disk approximately 3/4" in diameter. I also make them smaller, with the top disk approximately 1/2" in diameter. And just for fun, there's a swingy version with the copper disk on top in both sizes. You'll find the pair in the picture in the shop now; please get in touch if you're interested in any of the other versions or in a pendant.

This Forest Floor cuff, in oxidized sterling silver, includes raspberry, high bush cranberry, willow, chokecherrry, Siberian pea and other leaves, all gathered on our 10 acres this past summer. The leaves overlap each other, and the edges are sawn a little ragged to mimic the nibbling of insects and squirrels. A bit of decorative hammering adds texture and interest. Of course, it's one of a kind, as the leaves are destroyed during the process of imprinting the metal.

When you look out the window as you're flying into Fairbanks, you notice scribbles and curlicues carved into the land by the Tanana River. That's the inspiration for this simple Alaska Riverbend pendant made of hammered copper on a satin or suede cord with sterling silver lobster claw clasp.

Next up on the blog, more show and tell: A photo essay on how real leaves are transformed into jewelry for the Forest Floor series.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artfire Shop is Open!

Head on over here and take a look... It's just a start, and I'll be adding bunches of new items over the next several days. But I promised an opening by the end of January, and shhhh... It's February 10th.

To celebrate, I'm offering blog readers a 10% discount on any purchase made before February 20; just be sure to mention this blog. And for Valentine's Day ~ or for anytime you want to tell someone you love her ~ I'm also offering free shipping on this one-of-a-kind frosted sterling silver cuff. (I'll deliver to the Fairbanks/North Pole area.)

If your gal is the playful sort, she'll love the sprinkling of hearts, and the satiny finish adds softness and a certain glow.

From Tin Cup Designs Handwrought Jewelry

I chose to use Artfire for the shop because it offers lots of flexibility to customers for payment. You don't have to have an Artfire account to make a purchase, and eventually I'll offer items for sale directly on this blog.

If you're an Etsy user (or an Artfire user), I'd love to hear what you think about either. And of course if you choose to buy from my shop, I want to hear about your experience: Was it easy to use? Confusing? What would have made the experience better for you?

Tomorrow, I'll be putting up a bunch of Squiggle earrings for those of you who need your Squiggle fix. ;) Right now, there are a couple of one-of-a-kind pieces. I'm particularly fond of these hammered sterling and copper Shield Dangle earrings with lemon chrysoprase beads. They move!

And I hope they'll move right on out of the shop.

So, Happy Valentine's Day! We're more than halfway through the doldrums of the JanFebs now. The Sun is coming back, and it's busy busy. Lots of good stuff coming up. Thanks for sticking with me.