Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Alert: EAFB bazaar is closed to general public!

After inviting the world to visit my booth at the Spring Break-Up Bazaar on Eielson Air Force Base tomorrow, I've just now been informed that the military powers that be have changed their minds and closed the bazaar to the general public. Only DoD personnel and families will be allowed inside the gate.

So, if you're not DoD, please don't make the drive. 

And I apologize most profusely for the confusion. Unfortunately, the bazaar organizers have done a poor job of informing vendors about changes, and I would not have known this had I not contacted them about something entirely different. Needless to say, finding out on the day before the bazaar when I've been advertising it since February is a huge problem.

If you were planning to go, especially to visit my booth, I hope you will visit one of the galleries and shops that have my jewelry — or get in touch with me. If you're in the area, I'll be happy to arrange a private showing; if not, I'm also happy to send photos of my jewelry.

I'm very disappointed about this, but there will be other opportunities. The Girdwood Forest Fair is the weekend of July 4th, and I'm looking for other events between now and then.

Hope to see and/or hear from lots of you soon.

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  1. Sorry about the news. I will be out at NP all day for a track meet or else I would have swung in there to say hello. Good luck and hope things go well!!