Saturday, February 14, 2009

Color Joy

Need a spot of color to brighten your day?

Stop by the Artworks or New Horizons in Fairbanks. 
I'm making a delivery of these sterling silver and glass swirl drop
earrings later today.


  1. These are so nice! I've never seen anything like them before. Very original!

  2. Thanks, Donniece! These are the ones I do when I just want to have fun.

  3. Hi Kristin!Thanks for your comment on my blog. Fun to hear from you after the Telesummit. I sure enjoyed looking at your blog and what fun to see your studio work area. Lovely work!
    Have a suggestion for fatigue if interested.
    Blessings, Nancy

  4. Hi Kirstin. I love your work, particularly the cuffs. I really like your blog, how you explain and help me appreciate the how and why of the jewelery. I think the thoughtful work you put in in your jewelery is evident in your blog as well!

  5. These earrings are taking my breath away. Fine craftsmanship. Is that politically incorrect? should I saw finely crafted?

    Either way these earring are stunning! I am looking forward to your tweets as well, thanks for the follow.

    (Had to delete my previous comment since I misspelled an embarrassing large number of words)

  6. Thanks, guys! I like the word "craftsmanship," tho I used to make a living removing "sexist" words and misspellings from other people's writings. Ha! I so appreciate the compliments -- and that you actually read stuff I wrote and looked at my pix!