Friday, February 27, 2009

No fear.

Listen to the news and you'll think the world is ending. People are losing homes and jobs, and everybody seems afraid of the future. I will confess to feeling a little anxiety myself from time to time. When people are cutting back on the groceries they buy, why would they buy jewelry?

But here's the thing. It's okay to be afraid, as long as you don't stop there. The real answer to fear is this: Do something. Preferably something positive, that will help another person. Because we're all in this world together, and when we open our hearts and our hands to one another, we create energy and strength that can overcome whatever it is we fear — and then some.

So here's what I've decided to do. I've never liked the old stereotype of the "starving artist." I think most people are more creative with a full and happy life. So I've joined the Stone Soup Challenge. This is a grassroots movement started by artist Laura Bray. The goal is for artists and crafters to help one another by promising to use a portion of their monthly profits to invest in a fellow artist's shop.

I already buy many of the beads I use from small local shops (The Spinning Room and Pristine's in Fairbanks), but I can do more. I'd like to buy more lampwork beads for special pieces, and so I'll be searching those out from local artists and on sites like Etsy.

I also plan to put some money aside every month so that I can start buying small paintings again. This feels great, because I used to have a nice little collection, but it was all destroyed in a house fire a decade ago. The Stone Soup Challenge has given me the little push I needed to start buying again.

What can you do? Well, of course you can buy my jewelry. If you're in the area, you can help support the galleries and shops that represent me. If not, contact me directly, and I'll be happy to make something for you. And beyond that, whenever you have need of a small gift, consider original art (mine or any artist's). Art feeds the soul, which may be even more important when it feels like all news is bad news.

Most important: Don't live in your fear. Do something. Help someone else. Life is a big circle, and the good you do will come back to you with interest.


  1. I really liked that post, thanks! 'Stone Soup' is a great idea. I try to give locally as well as internationally, a little bit here and there, to not hoard it all to myself. I don't wear jewelery but I love to look at it...people need to feel they look good more so when times are tough:jewelry helps them do so, so I hope you'll do ok with your business.

  2. Thanks, Zed. I think you're right about jewelry hard times, and I really appreciate your good wishes.