Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Friday UFOs

So what's all this?

It's bits and pieces of things I've started during the past year and not finished. UFOs: Unfinished objects. I'm working on these and others, most of them one-of-a-kinds or new designs, and will have some of them ready for December First Friday at Warwick Glass Studio. Eep! That's just a couple of days away! (Click the link for a map to the studio.)

This is my last show of the year, and it's a group event, so expect lots of great art to enjoy if you decide to come out and visit me.

I'll have Squiggles and chains and a mix of my regular work in addition to the one-offs ~ and everything will be at the old prices from before silver skyrocketed above $25 an ounce. (I just checked and it's $28.70 right now. If you're interested, check Kitco for the live silver spot price.) Unfortunately, my prices will be going up to better reflect the market the next time I order silver, which will be soon.

Good news: You can now shop for Tin Cup Designs jewelry at Annie Kaill's in Juneau and Flypaper in Anchorage. And soon I'll be adding Gold Rush Fine Jewelry in Fairbanks to the list. More to come in the new year.

Finally, I got the nicest compliment yesterday (from my first Canadian customer, too). It made me so happy, I hope you'll forgive me a little tootling on my own horn. Here is is: 

Thank you for the most beautiful piece! The Alaskan Autumn Leaf Pendant Necklace is so nice! I knew I would love it when I saw the picture but I had no idea how beautiful it would be around my neck against a solid, textured sweater... the earrings are the perfect match. I am happy with everything! I know my mom will love the paperclip necklace and the earrings I have for her for Christmas! ~ Gail Adams

I loved that necklace, too, and am so happy it went to live with someone who will love it just as much. There will never be another one just like it, just as no two leaves are ever alike. But if you like real leaves imprinted forever into metal and would like for me to make something for you, all you have to do is get in touch. I love working with the leaves: Always a surprise, and the surprise is always good.

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  1. we're always drawn to nature it seems..I love the leaves in your designs girl..lovely lovely.

    Wild Success to you this year!! :-)